The D'Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), founded in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a non-profit institution focused on science, education and innovation in health. Its main maintainer is Rede D´Or São Luiz, the largest company of private hospitals in the country.

IDOR corporate

The D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) is a non-profit organization born from the enthusiasm of its founders, who envisioned the creation of a state-of-the-art institution, aligned with the latest technologies and aimed at global development in the health sector. To this end, IDOR has connected pillars ranging from scientific research to courses and training for health professionals, it also includes analyzes of implementations, technologies, and improvements for the hospital environment.

Active since 2010, IDOR brings together a team of specialist researchers and educators equally qualified for teaching in the health sphere, expertise that is shared through doctorate, postgraduate, undergraduate, and other courses. IDOR also has an initiative on open innovation, the Open D’Or Healthcare Innovation Hub, a platform for joint action with the Digital Transformation sector of Rede D’Or São Luiz (RDSL), that is the largest private company of hospitals in Brazil and the institute’s main maintainer.

IDOR’s modern infrastructure also offers state-of-the-art laboratories and a stimulating environment for the work and scientific production of its more than 100 employees. Our research involves multidisciplinary teams and is integrated both in teaching and in clinical practice. The originality of this model allows students to have the opportunity to complement their learning and ensures that researchers can transfer knowledge obtained in the laboratory to real clinical care, in a network that has more than 6,600 operational beds and over 30 oncology clinics.



IDOR concentrates its research on five strategic axes, covering the areas of neuroscience, oncology, internal medicine, intensive care medicine and pediatrics. In addition, the institute maintains connections of scientific cooperation and academic partnership with the most important Brazilian institutions and several international ones in more than 60 countries, including the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and Stanford University in the United States, among many others.
With a young and successful history, IDOR is already emerging as a point of reference in research and scientific production in Brazil. Covering relevant sectors of the medical field, its researchers and students have published over 700 articles in international scientific journals, with over 4000 citations in the last year. IDOR played a prominent role in the multi-institutional effort that established the causal correlation between Zika virus and the increased occurrence of microcephaly in Brazil in 2016, among many other multidisciplinary projects. It was also the pioneer institute in Latin America to create reprogrammed stem cells from the urine of patients, a promising and noninvasive method for disease studies and tests of new drugs.



With numerous and varied curricular programs, the IDOR College of Medical Sciences was founded to cover from specialization to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The IDOR postgraduate program offers professional specializations and doctorate programs, the latter having an intense multi-disciplinary focus which mirrors the supervisors different areas of activity and also it is aimed at receiving students from diverse professional fields.
The IDOR doctorate program promotes a solid background in clinical and translational research, offering partnerships and collaborations in combined projects with other institutions. The IDOR College of Medical Sciences also offers Medical Residency Programs at Rede D’Or São Luiz’s high-quality hospitals in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, providing practical qualification and differentiated skills to physicians in over 10 specializations, facilitating their integration in the labor market.
Besides having postgraduate and doctoral programs in its main research areas, IDOR is recognized for the quality of its extension courses in clinical, academic and technological sectors of health. In 2019 IDOR College also opened its first undergraduate course in Radiologic Technology, honoring Rede D’Or São Luiz’s over 40 years of experience in cutting edge medical imaging.



Seeking to encourage entrepreneurship and technological innovation in healthcare, IDOR has also created a hub for connections between creative startups and the medical and scientific sectors. The Open D’Or Healthcare Innovation Hub, opened in 2018, is an IDOR space entirely dedicated to the connection among new health technology, partnerships, and solutions. The main objectives of IDOR’s open innovation platform are to identify promising companies and entrepreneurs with innovative solutions in technology at all levels, boosting innovative startups to become competitive in biotechnology and digital health. The platform works together with RDSL’s digital transformation sector and also supports business development through mentoring programs and connections between entrepreneurs and the corporate market.


  • 2018

    • Inauguration of the Open D'Or Healthcare Innovation Hub. •Inauguration of the São Paulo unit. •The research team of Hospital São Rafael, in Salvador, Bahia, joins IDOR.

  • 2017

    • The Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) approves the creation of IDOR College of Medical Sciences. approves the creation of the IDOR College of Medical Sciences. • Launch of the Doctoral Program in Medical Sciences. • IDOR's mapping of Zika virus is published in the international journal Nature. • Scientific studies produced at IDOR exceeded the mark of 1300 citations. • Approval of new Medical Residency programs: Orthopedics and Traumatology, Medical Emergencies and Urology.

  • 2016

    • Inauguration of the IDOR Teaching and Training Center. • Initiation of clinical research. • IDOR's study on Zika virus is the cover of the international journal Radiology. • Beginning of educational activities with the opening of graduate studies in Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy and the extension course in Medical Emergencies. • IDOR receives the Visconde de Mauá Health Management Award in the private institution category.

  • 2015

    • IDOR initiates oncology research.

  • 2014

    • Inauguration of the cell reprogramming laboratory. • IDOR launches pediatric research.

  • 2013

    • Creation of FRIEND software for real-time Functional Magnetic Resonance imaging.

  • 2012

    • IDOR assumes the management of the medical residency programs of Rede D'Or São Luiz.

  • 2010

    • Inauguration of IDOR headquarters in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. • Areas of research: Neurosciences, Intensive Medicine and Internal Medicine.